FACINGS Improving eospyo Code for Better Backend Blockchain Integration

FACINGS is a software-as-a-service startup initially funded by EOS DETROIT.
FACINGS gives brands everything they need to launch collectibles in one place, from a virtual rock band’s NFTs to a fundraising collection devoted to legendary boxer Tommy “The Hitman” Hearns.

Inspired by what EOSArgentina did last year with µeosio, FACINGS is working to improve eospyo in order to better integrate its backend with the blockchain.

In June 2020, EOS Argentina created µeosio, a general purpose library for Python developers to easily interact with the EOSIO blockchains. This integration was a great contribution to the EOSIO ecosystem considering the high popularity of Python, and made it simpler to integrate EOSIO blockchain technology in software development.

Drawing inspiration from µeosio, FACINGS developers are now working with eospyo. Allowing developers to interface with EOSIO using Python, the library has been a work in progress with gradual updates a couple times a year. The FACINGS team has forked the code to better integrate the server-blockchain relationship, creating a wrapper with a cleaner API, prioritizing type checking on the client side, and optimizing immutability on the server side to facilitate parallelization.

With these improvements on the development end, along with an expanding roster of distinctive digital collectibles brands, it is clear that FACINGS is a key player in the rapidly developing NFT ecosystem.

A benevolent block producer crew based in Detroit, MI building value on EOSIO networks. Planting new seeds of economic opportunity.