EOS DETROIT WAX Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Report — July 2021

Tech Ops

EOS DETROIT recently signed up an additional colocation data center to diversify its backbone network connections and provide a higher level of redundancy to our nodes. In the last month, the company acquired $15,000 of additional hardware to upgrade the services on blockchains EOSD supports. These two improvements will enable EOSD to provide a high performing AtomicAsset API.

Product Development

EOS DETROIT continues to contribute over 90% of its development team hours to servicing FACINGS releases. Updates to product releases are provided below.

Ecosystem Development

Blockchain & NFT 101 Workshop

Community Engagement

Dark Pinup Ember Burn Event

Recommendations for the OIG

Please add the deadline date/time for that month in the Office of the Inspector General Guidelines notion document. This will allow it to be in a consistent place rather than in a pinned message that ends up getting updated.

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