EOS DETROIT WAX Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Report — August 2021

Tech Ops

There are currently no major technical updates. Most of the TechOps team resources were spent on the migration process to our additional data center, and de-risking our primary data center which has been experiencing issues as a result of inclement weather in Michigan.

Product Development

EOS DETROIT continues to service FACINGS NFT releases. In addition to FACINGS work, EOS DETROIT has hired a smart contract developer that will begin September 1st. His first project will be adding improvements to the WAX Labs interface so that proposals are pegged to a USD price, and to allow for revisions and resubmission of rejected proposals.

Ecosystem Development

EOS DETROIT is working with the Maker (DAI) growth team on external marketing and communications regarding an upcoming DAI bridge.

Community Engagement

Ep 1 of Internal FACINGS podcast — 8/18/2021

A benevolent block producer crew based in Detroit, MI building value on EOSIO networks. Planting new seeds of economic opportunity.