EOS DETROIT Upgrades End User Ecosystem with New Bare Metal Infrastructure

EOS DETROIT has taken its end-user services to the next level. This summer, they unveiled a new bare metal infrastructure featuring HPE ProLiant DL380p Gen 8 servers running the latest NVMe solid-state drives. This completes a cloud to bare metal migration for the young block-producing (BP) company and marks an exciting milestone in growth for the Detroit-based blockchain upstart.

The company got its start as a BP using cloud-based infrastructure — but there are certain limitations to cloud networks. Shared servers can lead to degraded performance and power reductions, while virtual machine clock speeds are usually slow. These performance limitations can lead to real problems. For example, the recent surge in popularity of the WAX blockchain caused many cloud-based APIs to fail. As blockchain technology continues its rapid expansion, users need a fast and reliable ecosystem in which to work.

EOS DETROIT is now in a position to provide that ecosystem, which was always one of the company’s goals. Their progress has been hard-won, built off of success as a founding block producer for the EOS blockchain, as a provider of infrastructure for other chains, and through collaborations with companies adjacent to the blockchain space. Reinvesting profits, EOS DETROIT has purchased the necessary hardware to make the jump from cloud to bare metal.

Users can expect a big performance boost from this upgrade featuring the latest in solid-state drive technology, maintained and operated by EOS DETROIT’s in-house tech ops team. The infrastructure is housed in two geographically separated locations, utilizing multiple Internet Service Providers with physically diverse fibers and redundant network connections. EOS DETROIT’s network provides ideal production, data protection, and reliability.

From a company that began as one among many BPs for the new EOS blockchain, EOS DETROIT has now emerged as a leading source of high-performing and reliable blockchain infrastructure. By reinvesting in their ecosystem, EOS DETROIT has ensured that they will provide value to users in the blockchain space for years to come.

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