EOS DETROIT Goes Global with LACChain/Nodesuite Collaboration

In August of 2020, EOS DETROIT open-sourced Nodesuite, “a Swiss Army Knife for deploying nodes on various EOSIO networks.” In support of the LACChain testnet, EOS DETROIT has been hosting a validator node and plans to host additional infrastructure as we begin moving servers into our latest data center. In addition to this, we’re proud to see our work benefiting the larger community as Nodesuit is being adopted/utilized by LACChain as they look to create tooling to simplify the configuration/deployment of EOSIO to create a more user-friendly experience for the masses.

LACChain is a non-profit organization and global alliance for the development of blockchain in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a general-purpose infrastructure intended to foster innovation and reduce inequality throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. LACChain currently features in a range of uses, from incentivizing blood donations to cataloging shipping container inventories.

Like all blockchain ecosystems, LACChain relies on nodes for network security. These nodes store and verify new blocks.

EOS DETROIT’s validator node is being used as part of the LatamLink testnet. (LatamLink is an alliance between EOS block producers in Argentina, Costa Rica, and Venezuela.) The testnet will ultimately enable the writing and validation of new blocks to the EOSIO-based LACChain ecosystem.

Considering EOS DETROIT’s origins as a company focused on community building and global philanthropy, their collaboration with LACChain (and LatamLink) is a natural one. It is a good example of how local blockchain efforts combine synergistically with global initiatives to increase access to — and utility of — blockchain technology. It is also a sign of EOS DETROIT’s expanding contributions to local and global blockchain ecosystems.

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