May 12, 2021

2 min read

EOS DETROIT CEO Rob Konsdorf to transition to Chairman of the Board, lead new EOS DETROIT funded NFT platform FACINGS

EOS DETROIT recently announced the launch of FACINGS with EOS DETROIT Board Chairman Robert Konsdorf leading this new wholly owned venture. Robert will be retaining his seat as Chairman with EOS DETROIT but will be transitioning the day to day operations to famed Crypto Blogger Jerry Rucker aka CryptoBlood in Jerry’s new role as Managing Director.

Robert Konsdorf, EOS DETROIT Chairman of the Board & FACINGS CEO

With a strong passion for all things Crypto, and a knack for managing businesses, Jerry Rucker is the ideal candidate to lead EOS DETROIT into its next evolution. With this move the company reaffirms its roots in the Detroit area, continues to prototype new product ideas, and doubles down on its Blockchain Network Infrastructure line of business.

Jerry Rucker, EOS DETROIT Managing Director

“Jerry possesses incredible insights into the crypto and blockchain world at large and I’m excited to bring Jerry up into such a visible leadership space under my mentorship, allowing me to fearlessly lead our first internal venture spinoff” Robert Konsdorf said of the move.

“Rob has built an amazing team here at EOS DETROIT and I’m thrilled to be able to lead such an incredible group. Knowing Robert and the Board are still there to guide me provides me with a freedom to innovate that I thought I could only wish for” said Jerry Rucker.

“The rapid growth of EOS DETROIT during my time here, has allowed us to fully pursue new ventures while remaining a closely aligned team that can lean into each other’s organizational structures; brings me great joy and additional satisfaction”.

For inquiries, please join the EOS DETROIT telegram channel or submit a contact form on the recently redesigned EOS DETROIT website.