Bern ONE’s Community GPK Auction


EOS Detroit is teaming up with WAX community member Schwartzbacca (@chewnold) for Bern ONE’s Community Auction Event! Each day for the next 5 days, a new rare #1 mint GPK Bernventures card will be put up for auction with a major kicker…

All GPK Bernventures holders can get in on the action without placing a single bid!

Any WAX account that earns enough Bern Points by burning their Bernventures GPK cards, as well as follow the entry instructions below, will have a chance to win a 50% share of the WAX received from the daily auction results, plus a cool NFT prize pack courtesy of EOS Detroit!

Burn Bernventures GPKs and more info here:

First auction (Rocky Sanders #1 Base) SOLD — 3000 WAX to yvvau.wam
Second auction (Seadog Sanders #1 Base) SOLD — 4200 WAX to
Third auction (Mount Bernmore #1 Sketch) SOLD — 4381.15 WAX to
Fourth auction (#1 mint bundle of A/B Burrrnie Shivers Base & Berncicle Sanders Base) SOLD — 3928.76 WAX to
Final auction (#1 mint Sittin’ Bernie Base) SOLD — 2696.09 WAX to

Day 1 50/50 winner (1500 WAX + NFT Prize Pack): ollqy.wam
Day 2 50/50 winner (2100 WAX + NFT Prize Pack):
Day 3 50/50 winner (2190.575 WAX + NFT Prize Pack): ilwau.wam
Day 4 50/50 winner (1964.38 WAX + NFT Prize Pack): tnequ.wam
Day 5 50/50 winner (1348.045 WAX + NFT Prize Pack): vesau.wam

#1 mint “The Solution Is To Build A New System” NFT comic page winner: yvvau.wam
#6 mint “The Solution Is To Build A New System” NFT comic page winner: wizardx

Check back here or the EOS Detroit twitter page for new daily auction links!!!

How to enter:
1. Retweet one of the contest tweets from EOS Detroit’s twitter
2. Follow @eosiodetroit & @chewnold on Twitter
3. Drop your WAX account and tag 3 friends in the comments of the tweet.
4. Have enough Bern points to qualify depending on the card being auctioned (see below)

Required Bern Point Amounts

GPK Bernventures “Bern Point” values per card type.

The following amounts are the total required to be eligible. For example, you only need 15 Bern points to qualify for both 15 Bern Point level #1 mint base auctions, not 15 per auction.

15 Bern Points: #1 Base Rocky Sanders, #1 Base Seadog Sanders
30 Bern Points: #1 Original Sketch Rocky Sanders, #1 A/B Base 2-card BUNDLE Burrrnie Shivers & Berncicle Sanders
50 Bern Points: #1 Base Sittin’ Sanders

Note: The Topps sponsored Bern for Gold -en Mittens event ends on January 31st at 11:59 PM ET. Cards burned after January 31st will not be eligible for additional Mitten Packs from Topps. The Bern Points leaderboard will be frozen at that point. Bern Point counts for the Bern ONE’s Community Auction event must be accumulated before January 31st at 11:59 PM ET.

Special Auction Winners’ Prizes

We didn’t forget about the auction winners! 2 highest bidders of a daily auction (out of 5) will be chosen at random to receive an exclusive, low mint (#1 & #6) comic book page NFT collectable illustrated by GPK Bernventures artist and EOS Detroit team member Lars Kommienezuspadt.

Happy Bernin’

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Disclaimer: EOS Detroit is only responsible for providing the NFT prize pack. Distribution of WAX token rewards from the auction will be facilitated by Schwartzbacca. This event is community driven and not affiliated with The Topps Company.

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