Tech Ops

EOS DETROIT recently signed up an additional colocation data center to diversify its backbone network connections and provide a higher level of redundancy to our nodes. In the last month, the company acquired $15,000 of additional hardware to upgrade the services on blockchains EOSD supports. These two improvements will enable EOSD to provide a high performing AtomicAsset API.

Product Development

EOS DETROIT continues to contribute over 90% of its development team hours to servicing FACINGS releases. Updates to product releases are provided below.

Release 1 — Skullz Collection

The first release for Skullz went live on a WAX only sale on July…


  • Creation of a dynamic inflationary rate mechanism that is similar to the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) dot plot scheme, or base inflation off of the price of EOS.
  • Incentivize the individual to receive a larger share of inflation by voting for block producers who operate the network well based on objective on-chain data.


As a Founding EOS Block Producer, EOS DETROIT is excited to see Block.One’s proactive approach in making the EOS ecosystem more attractive to both current and potential participants. EOS DETROIT believes’s continued participation will increase the competitive landscape for Block Producers and in return raise…

EOS DETROIT recently announced the launch of FACINGS with EOS DETROIT Board Chairman Robert Konsdorf leading this new wholly owned venture. Robert will be retaining his seat as Chairman with EOS DETROIT but will be transitioning the day to day operations to famed Crypto Blogger Jerry Rucker aka CryptoBlood in Jerry’s new role as Managing Director.

It’s no secret that NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are in the spotlight right now. With digital art, collectibles, and gaming assets trading for thousands if not millions of dollars, their impact is front and center. While the majority of media coverage has been on the volume or prices that these assets are trading for, a new more troubling narrative has started to emerge.

Many news feeds have seen an upward trend in stories about the “green” impact of NFTs. These stories take a pointedly myopic view at a complex and multifaceted issue in this growing blockchain space.

The majority of…

In 1987 the world was introduced to Ryu the “Street Fighter”. February 2021 Street Fighter was reintroduced in a whole new way through the Capcom/WAX Blockchain collaboration. These one of a kind NFT collectibles were snatched up for a total of over $2 million in sales in a 24-hour period.

If you missed the original sale, we’re giving you another opportunity to get in on the action… EOS DETROIT is in your corner with a Street Fighter NFT giveaway! Just like the original ten opponents in the first Street Fighter game, we are giving away 10 NFT’s to 10 lucky…


EOS Detroit is teaming up with WAX community member Schwartzbacca (@chewnold) for Bern ONE’s Community Auction Event! Each day for the next 5 days, a new rare #1 mint GPK Bernventures card will be put up for auction with a major kicker…

All GPK Bernventures holders can get in on the action without placing a single bid!

Any WAX account that earns enough Bern Points by burning their Bernventures GPK cards, as well as follow the entry instructions below, will have a chance to win a 50% share…

Last year a new resource model was proposed by in order to address issues of network utilization efficiency on EOSIO networks. The issue boils down to this: the existing model reflects a right to network resources (CPU and NET) proportional to the amount of staked core tokens one has, leading to network inefficiencies in the allocation of resources in situations where a token holder is staking and not leveraging their granted resources.

This is problematic as it means that token holders that aren’t leveraging their tokens as a utility continuously are reducing the efficiency of the network for those…

Nodesuite is a set of Ansible playbooks used by EOS Detroit internally for managing EOSIO nodes and services. The team decided it would benefit the EOSIO ecosystem more if our daily efforts, which are subsidized by EOSIO networks at large, could be leveraged by developers and operators looking to set up their own EOSIO infrastructure. To that end, today Nodesuite will be available publicly for the first time in a soft launch. There is still a lot of work to be done in order to incorporate all of the innovation across EOSIO into a one-stop tool that is easy to…

EOS Detroit is pleased to share with the EOSIO and broader blockchain communities that the Detroit Blockchain Center (DBC), has established its first physical location in the Detroit FinTech Bay smart hub. The DBC is a Michigan nonprofit currently seeking its federal 501(c)3 status with the United States Government. Its goals are promoting adoption and growth of the blockchain ecosystem through access to education, financial resources, and business development services.

“We are excited to welcome Detroit Blockchain Center into Detroit FinTech Bay,” said Maissan Almaskati, CEO of FinTech Consortium USA. “Together, we are creating an environment of opportunity, growth, learning…

The EOS Detroit team is excited to announce the next stage of DACTROIT to our global and local communities. DACTROIT will be a decentralized autonomous community (DAC) that provides the tools for communities to own and operate their own complementary currency and internet access infrastructure. EOS Detroit has incubated this concept internally up until now. Going forward, DACTROIT will be under the stewardship of The Detroit Blockchain Center (DBC) under the leadership of Ingrid LaFleur and Nate Talbot.


A benevolent block producer crew based in Detroit, MI building value on EOSIO networks. Planting new seeds of economic opportunity.

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