Update September 18, 08:00AM EST — Microsoft updated its advisory and declared an auto-update for their PaaS service offerings that use vulnerable VM extensions by September 22, 2021. Microsoft also clarified which instances will still require manual patching, see details.

This out of the Wiz.io blog, researchers recently discovered a series of alarming vulnerabilities that highlight the supply chain risk of open source code, particularly for customers of cloud computing services.

From the looks of it, customers that set up Linux VMs (virtual machines) in their Azure cloud accounts unknowingly have the OMI agent installed automatically — when certain Azure services are enabled. Unless a patch is applied, attackers can easily exploit four vulnerabilities to escalate to root privileges and remotely execute malicious code.

For more information on this exploit please visit Wiz.io for more details.

In August of 2020, EOS DETROIT open-sourced Nodesuite, “a Swiss Army Knife for deploying nodes on various EOSIO networks.” In support of the LACChain testnet, EOS DETROIT has been hosting a validator node and plans to host additional infrastructure as we begin moving servers into our latest data center. In addition to this, we’re proud to see our work benefiting the larger community as Nodesuit is being adopted/utilized by LACChain as they look to create tooling to simplify the configuration/deployment of EOSIO to create a more user-friendly experience for the masses.

LACChain is a non-profit organization and global alliance for…

EOS DETROIT has taken its end-user services to the next level. This summer, they unveiled a new bare metal infrastructure featuring HPE ProLiant DL380p Gen 8 servers running the latest NVMe solid-state drives. This completes a cloud to bare metal migration for the young block-producing (BP) company and marks an exciting milestone in growth for the Detroit-based blockchain upstart.

The company got its start as a BP using cloud-based infrastructure — but there are certain limitations to cloud networks. Shared servers can lead to degraded performance and power reductions, while virtual machine clock speeds are usually slow. These performance limitations…

Tech Ops

There are currently no major technical updates. Most of the TechOps team resources were spent on the migration process to our additional data center, and de-risking our primary data center which has been experiencing issues as a result of inclement weather in Michigan.

Product Development

EOS DETROIT continues to service FACINGS NFT releases. In addition to FACINGS work, EOS DETROIT has hired a smart contract developer that will begin September 1st. His first project will be adding improvements to the WAX Labs interface so that proposals are pegged to a USD price, and to allow for revisions and resubmission of rejected proposals.

Tech Ops

EOS DETROIT recently signed up an additional colocation data center to diversify its backbone network connections and provide a higher level of redundancy to our nodes. In the last month, the company acquired $15,000 of additional hardware to upgrade the services on blockchains EOSD supports. These two improvements will enable EOSD to provide a high performing AtomicAsset API.

Product Development

EOS DETROIT continues to contribute over 90% of its development team hours to servicing FACINGS releases. Updates to product releases are provided below.

Release 1 — Skullz Collection

The first release for Skullz went live on a WAX only sale on July…


  • Creation of a dynamic inflationary rate mechanism that is similar to the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) dot plot scheme, or base inflation off of the price of EOS.
  • Incentivize the individual to receive a larger share of inflation by voting for block producers who operate the network well based on objective on-chain data.


As a Founding EOS Block Producer, EOS DETROIT is excited to see Block.One’s proactive approach in making the EOS ecosystem more attractive to both current and potential participants. EOS DETROIT believes Block.one’s continued participation will increase the competitive landscape for Block Producers and in return raise…

EOS DETROIT recently announced the launch of FACINGS with EOS DETROIT Board Chairman Robert Konsdorf leading this new wholly owned venture. Robert will be retaining his seat as Chairman with EOS DETROIT but will be transitioning the day to day operations to famed Crypto Blogger Jerry Rucker aka CryptoBlood in Jerry’s new role as Managing Director.

It’s no secret that NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are in the spotlight right now. With digital art, collectibles, and gaming assets trading for thousands if not millions of dollars, their impact is front and center. While the majority of media coverage has been on the volume or prices that these assets are trading for, a new more troubling narrative has started to emerge.

Many news feeds have seen an upward trend in stories about the “green” impact of NFTs. These stories take a pointedly myopic view at a complex and multifaceted issue in this growing blockchain space.

The majority of…

In 1987 the world was introduced to Ryu the “Street Fighter”. February 2021 Street Fighter was reintroduced in a whole new way through the Capcom/WAX Blockchain collaboration. These one of a kind NFT collectibles were snatched up for a total of over $2 million in sales in a 24-hour period.

If you missed the original sale, we’re giving you another opportunity to get in on the action… EOS DETROIT is in your corner with a Street Fighter NFT giveaway! Just like the original ten opponents in the first Street Fighter game, we are giving away 10 NFT’s to 10 lucky…


EOS Detroit is teaming up with WAX community member Schwartzbacca (@chewnold) for Bern ONE’s Community Auction Event! Each day for the next 5 days, a new rare #1 mint GPK Bernventures card will be put up for auction with a major kicker…

All GPK Bernventures holders can get in on the action without placing a single bid!

Any WAX account that earns enough Bern Points by burning their Bernventures GPK cards, as well as follow the entry instructions below, will have a chance to win a 50% share…


A benevolent block producer crew based in Detroit, MI building value on EOSIO networks. Planting new seeds of economic opportunity.

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